Advancing Senior Care with AI: Insights from the Web Summit on LINDERA’s Gait Analysis for Fall Prevention

    by Sofia Kappa

    How do elderly care, AI, and the Web Summit fit together? 🧐

    In November, I traded care facilities in Northern Germany for three days at the Web Summit in Lisbon. This conference is among the biggest technology events in Europe, attracting over 70,000 tech enthusiasts eager to learn and shape the future. But how do elderly care and the Web Summit connect?

    New paths for fall prevention in the elderly: The power of LINDERA’s gait analysis with AI.

    With insights from the Web Summit, we can redefine the term ‘we’ for the future of elderly care. Artificial intelligence, mobility, and gait analysis for fall prevention enable us to lead elderly care into the future. AI in healthcare has become established and offers us the chance to improve the quality, timeliness, and results of prevention, ultimately changing the lives of patients and our own. My motto as a former physiotherapist is:

    ‘Prevention is the best therapy.’

    During the Web Summit, I met innovative companies that are set to transform the world of healthcare. These companies, with their visions and technologies, strive to find solutions for diseases that have impacted the quality of life of hundreds of millions. Technologies that enable ALS patients to answer questions via Telegram and speak past audio morphemes with their voice through Brain-Computer Interface, as well as explanatory AI tools that assist radiologists in breast cancer screening.

    Of course, the foundation of digitalization includes electronic health records as a first step. Another technical breakthrough is the improvement and validation of machine learning models to make predictions, thus enabling prevention and diagnosis while maintaining privacy.

    Part of the AI journey.

    I am grateful to be a part of LINDERA, an AI medical company with the vision of keeping health in motion – safe, precise, and accessible to everyone, everywhere. Companies like LINDERA and those I met at the Web Summit assure us a future where medical information is accessible to everyone and the healthcare system is supported by AI tools and various partners to provide high-quality healthcare, especially for seniors.

    Patience, passion & solutions.

    Life is not black or white. We know that changes take time – especially in Germany. Therefore, we must be patient, passionate about our vision, and solution-oriented. As an AI company, we will face numerous challenges that we must overcome, but our determination to create a superior healthcare system for us and the seniors, ensuring high-quality care, demands that we focus on our vision.

    Elderly care needs innovative companies with visions and new technologies that can help overcome daily challenges and develop a care system accessible to all.

    Lets keep health in motion – safe, precise and accessible to everyone, everywhere – around.

    Lindera. ACCEPT NO LIMITS.

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