Incredibly moved and grateful to receive the CARE INVEST Leadership Award!

    by LinderaAdmin

    The laudatory speech by Bernhard Schneider, Managing Director of Evangelische Heimstiftung GmbH, deeply moved at the Expo Living & Care in Berlin. For him and for us at LINDERA, this award signifies a great responsibility: bringing innovations to care and embarking on the path of digital transformation. It takes leaders at all levels to tackle the current challenges in care and simultaneously improve the quality of care.

    At LINDERA, we develop cutting-edge AI models for precise 3D motion analysis that transform the care process into a digital, AI-driven era. Our mission is to integrate top-tier medical care into the caregiving sector and provide professionals with the tools they need to advance their roles. Through these digital innovations, we create care that is not only more efficient but also safer and more personalized.

    The positive effects of our work are reflected in impressive numbers. An exemplary analysis of 1,141 cases from 2023/24 shows:

    1️⃣ Fewer falls: The total number of falls decreased by 28%, and by 37% among those over 85 years old. Both figures show a trend toward statistical significance.

    2️⃣ Stable non-faller status: 72% of seniors maintained their non-faller status, and 12% improved from fallers to non-fallers.

    3️⃣ Fewer fall-related hospitalizations 🏥: A 44% reduction in fall-related hospitalizations, and a 50% reduction among those over 85 years old. Both reductions display a trend toward statistical significance.

    These successes would not have been possible without the commitment and collaboration of health insurance funds, professionals, seniors, and quality managers. We at LINDERA are proud to be part of this positive change, leading care into a new era.

    Let’s continue to shape the future of care together! A big thank you also to the CARE INVEST team for their ongoing support since 2018!

    We gladly pass the award forward next year. Who is next?

    At the Expo Living & Care in Berlin
    At the Expo Living & Care in Berlin

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