Exploring the Geriatronics Conference: A Landmark Event for AI-Powered Mobility Analysis

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    On July 9 and 10, the picturesque town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen played host to the Geriatronics Conference, a significant gathering of minds dedicated to advancing geriatric care through technology. Among the esteemed attendees, LINDERA was honored to present our cutting-edge AI-powered mobility analysis app. Our journey from Malta to Berlin and Munich has been filled with poster sessions, presentations, and enriching discussions, but the Geriatronics Conference in Garmisch stood out in three exceptional ways: Openness, Honesty, and Integration.

    Zum Wohl!
    A robot for a beer.

    Openness: A Warm Welcome to Industry Partners

    As a private company, LINDERA has often encountered the closed circles of academia where industry partners are sometimes sidelined. However, the Geriatronics Summit shattered these barriers with an inspiring openness. Attendees were eager to engage in discussions, share ideas, and extend invitations to newcomers, fostering an inclusive environment where innovation thrives without prejudice. This welcoming atmosphere was a testament to the collective commitment to progress and collaboration in the field of geriatronics.

    Honesty: Building a Future Beyond Tourism

    Garmisch-Partenkirchen is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and tourism appeal, but the Geriatronics Conference highlighted a deeper, more strategic vision for the region. The candid conversations revealed a pressing need to retain local talent, which often migrates to Munich for better opportunities. The conference underscored the importance of creating innovative solutions within Garmisch to secure a sustainable future. By fostering an ecosystem of technological advancement, we can ensure that the region remains a hub of innovation and talent.

    On the lake.
    Scientists on the lake.

    Integration: Collaborating with Caritas Munich und Freising e.V.

    One of the most compelling aspects of the conference was the active involvement of Caritasverband der Erzdiözese München und Freising e.V.. Their presence and engagement were pivotal in bridging the gap between technological innovation and practical application in elder care. The collaboration aims not just to develop isolated robotic solutions but to integrate numerous technologies into everyday care settings, enhancing the quality of life for the elderly. This partnership epitomizes the spirit of geriatronics – combining compassion with cutting-edge technology to meet real-world needs.

    Caritas driving innovation.
    Caritas driving innovation.

    At LINDERA, our AI-powered mobility analysis app has gained recognition across various scientific platforms. The Geriatronics Conference provided an ideal venue to showcase our advancements and engage with like-minded professionals dedicated to improving geriatric care. Our technology, designed to analyze and enhance mobility through user-friendly applications, resonated with the audience, sparking insightful conversations and potential collaborations.

    Looking Ahead

    The Geriatronics Conference in Garmisch-Partenkirchen was more than an event; it was a milestone in our ongoing journey to (r)evolutionize geriatric care. The openness, honesty, and integration witnessed at the summit have reinforced our commitment to innovation and collaboration. We look forward to future engagements and continuing our mission to improve the lives of the elderly through technology.

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