Lindera KlinikApp: The Swiss pocket knife to assess movement – for precise assessments and accurate treatment

    With patented AI technology, the Lindera KlinikApp transforms a simple video recording taken with your smartphone camera into a personal avatar depicting the patient’s 3D skeleton, thus enabling the recording of a wide variety of movement parameters – transparently, to the millimeter. Decision-making aid for specialists and a monitoring tool for patients: the Lindera KlinikApp accompanies you on your way to recovery with objective assessments and modern technology.

    This is how simple it is:

    Measure functional outcomes with the 3D skeleton analysis via the app

    Choose additional assessments on patient outcomes, as required

    Receive a result summary of the assessment

    Follow up on and continuously optimize the course of treatment

    The Swiss pocket knife to assess movement for clinics and rehabilitation centers

    The Lindera KlinikApp is developed by doctors, therapists, researchers and data scientists and can in future be used on any mobile device. It has the potential to be as versatile, quality-assured and at the same time targeted as a Swiss pocket knife – usable everywhere, always with the right solution.

    In future, therapists and doctors will be able to choose exactly the right one for their patient from a wide selection of suitable functional assessments to support the treatment, e.g., the neutral-zero method, the timed up and go test, or the 10-meter walk test. The AI-based algorithms provide suitable parameters for each method, such as step length, walking speed, or the time it takes a patient to stand up. In this way, therapy success can be assessed objectively and optimized for each patient.

    Beyond that, the app also offers questionnaires to record other treatment-relevant patient outcomes, such as the VAS pain scale, the Staffelstein score, or the SF12 and EQ5D for assessing health-related quality of life – for holistic treatment and targeted pain management.

    And after you leave the clinic? The patient simply takes the app with them to continue overseeing their recovery at home – thanks to intuitive assessment routines that can also be done with relatives. At the next doctor’s or therapist’s appointment, the app including all results will be right there in the patient’s pocket to provide the right information for the consultation.

    Product features

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    How is the Lindera KlinikApp coming along?

    We already have the technology, we are currently working on developing an intuitive and user-friendly interface that will make the first features of our Swiss pocket knife easy to use and accessible – for specialists and patients.

    Which assessments does the Lindera KlinikApp already include?

    With our technology, we can analyze a wide variety of movement parameters and patient outcomes, and are expanding our Swiss pocket knife bit by bit. The focus for the first version is on the neutral-zero method, the timed up and go test, and the 10-meter walk test, as well as pain scales and questionnaires on health-related quality of life. Feel free to get in touch with us using our contact form and let us know which assessments you would be particularly interested in – we look forward to your feedback!

    How can I become a developing partner?

    It’s easy: Send us an e-mail – we’ll get back to you ASAP!

    When will the Lindera KlinikApp be available?

    We can’t wait to bring the KlinikApp into the world! As a manufacturer of medical devices, safety always comes first. So, we first need to go through all the quality controls and certification steps before the app becomes available to everyone in 2022.

    How much does the Lindera KlinikApp cost?

    The KlinikApp is currently only being used in pilot projects. Contact us now if you want to accompany us on this path and become a developing partner!