AD Germany Honors Pournoir: How Douman Pour Created Our AI Workspace for the Future of Care

    by Anke Johansen

    In the world of interior design, there are names that stand for more than just aesthetics – they represent a bridge between creativity and functionality. One of these names is Douman Pour, founder of the design studio pournoir and recently recognized by AD Germany as one of the best interior designers in the country.

    LINDERA, our emerging company in the field of AI-powered elderly care and healthcare, had the pleasure of experiencing Douman Pour’s visionary thinking and design philosophy in its early years. He did not just design an office, but created an “AI workshop” – a home for innovation with a heart for care and therapy.

    A meeting that makes history

    The search for a space that captured both the spirit of LINDERA and the functional needs of a growing company led us to Kottbusser Damm 79. Here, where there was competition from a large pharmaceutical company, our founder spoke with personality and passion for the young company – and won.

    Douman Pour in der AD
    Pournoir awarded by AD Germany

    Minimal effort, maximum impact

    With our limited means, Douman Pour transformed an empty space into a vibrant and efficient workplace. His expertise turned a cold, white kitchen into an elegant, black meeting point, and the carefully selected vintage chairs from Holland became symbols of our adaptability and growth – especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

    A reflection of innovation

    In every detail of the space designed by Pour, LINDERA’s vision continues to live on. The premises are not only functional to the needs of a tech company, but also a visual expression of our commitment to the elderly care and healthcare industry. With the use of computer vision and 3D motion tracking, we strive to advance the care industry, and our office is the physical manifestation of this technology – a true AI workspace.

    More than an office: A place of community and growth

    Since our Office Warming on March 3, 2020, shortly before the global lockdown, our office has proven to be more than just a place to work. It is a space where ideas thrive, a place of gathering and shared commitment to a better future for care.

    Congratulations, Douman Pour!

    Douman Pour has done more than just design spaces – he has anchored our mission of bringing New Work to elderly care in every corner of our office. By translating our culture and spirit into design, he gave us a place that is not only a home for our team, but also a daily inspiration for our ambitious work. We congratulate him on his well-deserved recognition and are proud to innovate and thrive in an environment designed by him.

    P.S. The red thread in our office is indeed red. Inspired by our first design, which is reflected in the app and website, the woodwork is also in this color. Our digital values will soon be revised to medical turquoise, but the office will remain in our favorite color for now.

    More pictures of the office and Pournoir can be found on Instagram, follow us!

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    Impressions from our Office Warming in March 2020

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