Cheesy Moment: Awarded as CHIP Digital Innovator 2024

    by Diana Heinrichs

    Innovative Technology in Healthcare: LINDERA as a Pioneer

    In a remarkable move that underscores our position as a leader in healthcare technology innovation, LINDERA has been awarded as CHIP Online Digital Innovator 2024 in the IT company category. This recognition is a wonderful affirmation of our efforts and simultaneously a motivation to continue leading the digital transformation in healthcare.

    From Microsoft to LINDERA: A Journey Full of Innovation

    My experience at Microsoft has left me with a deep appreciation for technological innovation. These experiences have led to groundbreaking advancements at LINDERA, a company dedicated, among other things, to developing simple 3D motion analyses for fall risk assessment in elder care. Our AI patents and technologies stand as proof of our ability to develop and protect leading software solutions from Germany.

    Learning from Seniors: Unique Approach to AI Development

    Inspired by the way Amazon revolutionized learning from books, we focused on the experiences of seniors to develop our computer vision AI. Today, this AI is a central component of many innovative medical products worldwide and is setting new standards in the field of 3D motion tracking.

    Commitment to Elderly Care: More Than Just Recognition

    Our commitment in elderly care extends beyond recognition. It demonstrates how AI technology can set new trends and lead in the healthcare industry. This advancement in health technology is not only exciting but also pioneering for the future of care.

    Gratitude and Inspiration: Our Path Forward

    Thanks to our team, our partners, and the seniors as well as nursing professionals who are our source of inspiration and innovation. Their support and trust are crucial for our success and our continuous growth in health technology.
    We are on the right path, and this award as CHIP Online Digital Innovator 2024 is a charming indication of that.

    Lindera. ACCEPT NO LIMITS.

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