Master of Change in Elder Care – Awarded with the German Service Prize

    by Menia Ettrich

    In the heart of Berlin, at the Bertelsmann Repräsentanz, a milestone was achieved yesterday for LINDERA and the care sector: the winning of the German Service Prize 2024. This significant recognition, presented by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) and the news channel n-tv, reflects not only our outstanding achievements but also our profound role in the evolution of the care industry. I, Menia Ettrich, Market Access Manager, proudly accepted the award. It was a pleasure to represent the visionary work of our team.

    Menia Ettrich nimmt den Preis für LINDERA entgegen.
    Menia Ettrich nimmt den Preis für LINDERA entgegen.

    Broadcasted on n-tv Service, Monday, 19.02.2024, 18:35 hrs.

    A Pioneer in the Field of Elder Care

    We at LINDERA, a leading AI company in the care sector, are known for our innovative approach to improving the quality of care. With the winning of the German Service Prize 2024, our work, based on continuous improvement and innovation, is recognized. This award confirms our commitment to evolutionarily developing the care sector and involving all stakeholders in this journey.

    What is Behind the German Service Prize?

    These data, and facts were obtained from DISQ:

    • In numerous studies, customer surveys, and through a social media monitoring with Brandwatch Analytics, 2,277 companies were examined.The basis of the award included 6,117 undercover test contacts, 185,227 customer voices, and 24,165 social media posts.
    • The focus of the investigation was on in-person consulting, online service, service over the phone and via email, as well as customer statements about the service of the providers.
    • Awards were given to the best companies in each of 67 categories, including in areas such as mobility, health, home & living, energy, finance, travel & leisure, and food.

    Innovative Solutions for the Care Process – According to WHO Standard

    Our LINDERA app, which was released in an updated form simultaneously with the celebration at the Brandenburg Gate, is a central element of our strategy to improve the care process. It assists nursing staff in fall risk analysis and transforms subjective assessments into an objective, digital process. This significantly contributes to increased efficiency, time savings, and improved quality in care.

    Challenges and Solutions

    We recognize the challenges in elder care, such as the shortage of skilled workers and the need for continuous training. Our response is ongoing training and the development of solutions in close collaboration with professionals in care facilities. This approach allows us to deeply understand the care process and improve it together.

    Our Commitment and Future Vision

    Our commitment in healthcare is aimed at expanding the care sector through innovative, yet integrative solutions. We rely on open dialogues and feedback to continuously enhance the quality of care and improve the quality of life for those in need of care.

    By 2030, no one will simply estimate fall risk by guesswork.

    The German Service Prize 2024 is a confirmation of our philosophy and commitment to the care sector. We are proud of this success and remain true to our mission to continuously improve the care sector with evolutionary solutions. By 2030, we all will be assessing fall risk with AI, so that no one has to suffer a life-altering hip fracture.

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