LINDERA App-Update: Fall risk assessment for seniors with mobility impairments

    by Sofia Kappa

    The journey of aging brings a gradual decrease in mobility, alongside various health conditions that restrict movement, both significantly impacting quality of life. 

    At LINDERA, we’re dedicated to transforming senior care by integrating innovative AI-driven solutions. We have already enhanced the lives of thousands of seniors across numerous nursing homes with our pioneering, AI-LINDERA mobility analysis – a medical device designed for precise, evidence-based fall risk assessment and management. However, until now, our technology was not accessible to seniors who, due to severe mobility limitations, couldn’t engage with our standard video analysis. 

    Responding to this need has been a top priority, thanks to the valuable feedback from our users. We’re proud to announce an innovative update—tailored support for immobile and mobility-challenged seniors! 

    Introducing the New Feature 

    For those unable to partake in the typical mobility assessment due to their physical condition, we now offer an alternative pathway. This involves a specialized set of questions, devised to meticulously evaluate the mobility capacities of patients who may be partially or even fully bedridden. These questions are crafted based on expert standards and are perfectly aligned with the assessment instrument for seamless integration into existing documentation systems. 

    Detailed and Accurate Reporting 

    The insights gathered from this adjusted questionnaire are carefully documented in a SYS report, ensuring that every detail is captured and stored within the patient’s profile— just as with our standard assessments through LINDERA mobility analysis. This process guarantees that healthcare providers have all the necessary information at their fingertips, enabling them to deliver personalized, effective care. 

    Looking Ahead 

    We are not stopping here! LINDERA mobility analysis is actively engaging with our community—seniors and professionals alike—to enhance this feature. In the upcoming months, we plan to introduce targeted recommendations specifically designed for those facing significant mobility challenges. Additionally, we’re working on making our Fall Risk Score accessible to every patient, regardless of their mobility status. 

    Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and provide solutions that make a real difference in the lives of those we serve, by keeping health in motion – safe, precise and accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

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