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    To easy to be true: Tech-based care in the senior nursing home


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    Alissa Dovgucic


    2019 version

    When Kathleen Höhne pulled out her smartphone for the first time to carry out a Mobility Analysis with the Lindera App in a resident’s room, the elderly man’s jaw almost dropped. Although she had previously mentioned the digital gait analysis to him, he didn’t believe that the mobility test would really work.

    “As the evaluation and the individual catalog of fall prevention measures were created, he was completely amazed”, she recalls. All we needed was a 30-second video and a short psychosocial questionnaire to get the precise Mobility Analysis and fall prevention measures that were specially tailored to his needs.

    Facility Manager Kathleen Höhne was also skeptical at first. The Lindera Mobility Analysis pilot project took off under her management in the Seniorenpflegeheim Asternhof,Thuringia,  in 2018. Before that, geriatric gait assessments were carried out analogously and with visual judgement. She found out about Lindera together with the management of Seniorenwerk at an event organized by AOK Nordost, one of currently five health insurance funds that Lindera works with. Seniorenwerk, which the Asternhof nursing home is part of, has a total of six facilities with 675 care places. “It sounded too easy and that’s why I had my doubts at first – as is usually the case with new and digital things. But I was soon proved wrong: The Lindera Mobility Analysis absolutely convinced me. The app is very easy to use and has done a great job in practice so far,” reports Kathleen Höhne, who worked as a nurse for 23 years and has now been working at the Asternhof nursing home for six years.

    The field-tested Lindera Mobility Analysis

    Lindera gets things moving at Seniorenwerk

    The nursing staff have carried out 60 mobility analyzes since February 2019 – the number keeps going up every week. The knowledge gained and the measures recommended to prevent falls now contribute to the welfare of many residents. The individual preventive measures are especially effective for patients who are currently in rehab.

    The Asternhof nursing home is the first nursing home of Seniorenwerk to use Lindera’s digital Mobility Analysis. In the future, the app is to become an integral part of the care plan and repeated for all residents at regular 8-week intervals, so that the progress can be documented – not only in Ellrich, but in all six facilities under the Seniorenwerk umbrella.

    About the facility

    The Seniorenpflegeheim Asternhof has been offering people in need of care a home in the heart of Ellrich in Thuringia since 2002. The non-profit organization, Seniorenwerk, which the Asternhof nursing home is part of, offers residents and patients inpatient and outpatient care in a total of six facilities, as well as support services, and has over 800 employees. Over the past 25 years, Seniorenwerk has evolved into a comprehensive provider of care for the elderly and specialty care with more than 675 care places and almost 450 clients in outpatient and intensive care.

    Seniorenpflegeheim Asternhof figures

    • Employees: 38 in direct care, 6 in support
    • Residential places: 78
    • Industry: Care
    • Using Lindera since February 2019


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