Work purposefully on reducing fall risks, plan group interventions, and implement the fall assessment in the osteoporosis DMP – easily, quickly, and systematically!

    Falls are a huge risk –
    for the elderly and nursing staff

    Falling in old age is an enormous challenge. The Lindera Mobility Analysis not only helps patients, but also relieves the workload of specialists. The app was developed from practical experience. It is a tool for specialists to systematically approach fall prevention in accordance with expert standards and to firmly anchor mobility maintenance in care structures.

    The app-based Mobility Analysis is this quick and easy:

    Record a short video of the senior’s gait behavior

    Fill out a psychosocial questionnaire with information on illnesses, medication, cognition, fall history, and personality

    Receive a fall risk report with tangible prevention measures

    Specialists receive tangible recommendations for suitable group interventions that meet the individual’s needs and transfer them to appropriate intervention measures as required. With the app-based Mobility Analysis, therapists can implement the required fall assessment into the osteoporosis DMP systematically and quickly.

    The Lindera App is a medical device.

    The dashboard for a comprehensive overview

    A dashboard displays all the measures for a patient, and these are also automatically converted into group measures – for systematic planning and coordination in a group setting and together with partners from your network (e.g., therapists and medical supply retailers).

    For an overview of each individual resident and of the entire facility

    Recognize the advancement of the fall degree from initial to follow-up analyzes

    All measures and treatment results are documented in a history log

    Automatic planning and coordination of measures in a group setting

    Networking of all parties in order to design prevention measures to meet needs

    The regular repetition of the Mobility Analysis helps to monitor the success of the measures and to design the measures according to needs.

    Our digital solution brings innovation into everyday therapy, making work easier, accelerating processes, and thus ensuring that more time is left for personal care. A work environment which naturally implements artificial intelligence to create a new level of confidence – and to make the profession more appealing!


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