Live a long, independent, safe and mobile life: Avoid falls and reduce your risk with the SturzApp!

    Get a gait lab in your home

    Maintaining your own mobility and reducing the risk of falling – these are the central components for a long, independent, mobile and safe life. Falls are a high risk and it has been proven that they can be prevented at an early stage if the individual risks are identified and the fall risk is systematically reduced.

    Every third person over the age of 65 falls at least once a year. For people over 80, this statistic even increases to every second person. Studies show that 10–20 percent of falls result in injuries, such as a femoral neck fracture. Half of these people don’t regain their former mobility after a fall. 20 percent even require long-term care.

    Determine your own fall risk – easily via the app and at home

    Get someone to record your gait behavior and fill out the questionnaire on general well-being, illnesses, and living situation

    Know your fall risks and get recommendations on how to minimize falls

    Recommendations for preventive measures can be, for example, movement and balance exercises, information on the medication mix, or how to set your walking aids correctly. Repeat the gait analysis regularly in order to recognize changes quicker and reduce your fall risk in the long term.

    Up until now, our app-based Mobility Analysis was mainly available to nursing homes, clinics, and care consultants. Digital Care Applications (DiPA) can soon be applied for via the nursing care insurance fund.

    Register to use the app as a private user. We will inform you about the approval as a digital care application in Germany.

    The app-based Lindera Mobility Analysis is a patented medical device.


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