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    Leading physicians who value the indication quality the most are currently building an intelligent, local network of general practitioners and specialists through to inpatient stays, rehabilitation, and digital patient files. Digital health applications act as a link in the supply chain.

    The Lindera KlinikApp is developed by doctors, therapists, academics, and data scientists in order to be able to precisely measure movement parameters over the entire course of treatment from 2022 onwards. A short video recording of the patient’s gait behavior is enough to objectively calculate the parameters relevant to the decision and to present the analysis in the desired format. Integration into the existing HIS or practice information system is possible.

    The [ Lindera KlinikApp ] is used by leading orthopedists, neurologists, geriatricians and therapists as a diagnostic tool and as a tested method to reduce the amount of documentation required in a quality-assured manner. The therapist or doctor can choose from a pre-selection of suitable functional outcomes, e.g., neutral zero method, TUG test, 10-m gait test, ROM tests or patient-related outcomes, e.g. Staffelstein, VAS, NRS scale, SF-12, WOMAC assessments. Specialists get objective support in deciding between conservative and surgical therapy.

    The functionality of the Lindera KlinikApp explained step by step with an example:

    • The level of pain is important for the therapy decision: The duration of pain, as an indicator, should be three to six months, for example, in order to establish the indication for knee replacement surgery.
    • With the Lindera KlinikApp, doctors and patients can digitally implement movement and pain assessments and track the development of pain during joint movement.
    • The pain assessments include the neutral zero method and the visual analog scale.

    Does the patient feel severe pain in their knee if they flex it at an 80° angle? How far can the patient bend their knee compared to the last evaluation? How was the pain level during the last test?

    In this way, doctors and therapists get all the information they need to make a data-based treatment decision in a measurable, comparable, and time-efficient manner – so that they can decrease their documentation effort.

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