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    3D motion tracking for health and fitness apps

    Scientifically validated movement parameters I Using your smartphone’s camera I Patented

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    For care

    The app-based Lindera Mobility Analysis: An AI-based medical device that meets expert standards

    For all types of care I Made in Germany I Integrated into the documentation system

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    For fitness and health apps

    LTech: The Lindera Software Development Kit for real-time exercise feedback

    3D motion tracking I On your smartphone I Easy to implement

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    For clinics

    The Lindera KlinikApp for admission, treatment and discharge management

    A Swiss pocket knife to assess movement I To one millimeter accuracy I Medical device

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    With the app-based LINDERA Mobility Analysis, the individual risk of falling can be easily and precisely determined – with the assistance of AI and as a Class I medical device. For the first time, a 3D analysis of gait behavior is possible using an ordinary smartphone camera. Our patented algorithms determine the risk of falling by analyzing a short video recording and a questionnaire. They also provide personalized recommendations for reducing fall risk and maintaining mobility in older age.



    The LINDERA KlinikApp is the Swiss pocket knife to assess movement for all areas and phases of everyday clinic life. Our AI technology captures the patient’s entire 3D skeleton through a simple smartphone video recording – 21 points of articulation to the millimeter. Why? We determine precisely which movement causes you pain – objectively, comprehensibly, with pinpoint accuracy. Support for specialists in making decisions and monitoring for patients – the KlinikApp accompanies you on your way to recovery!

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    What does personalized training look like in the future? LINDERA has released a Tech Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers of fitness and health apps. App providers integrate the 3D motion analysis into their mobile application. The algorithm allows you to offer end customers, such as amateur or professional athletes, personalized training with real-time feedback – completely without multi-camera systems and depth sensors.


    Analyze the risks of falling

    Accelerate training successes, reduce the risks of falling: The intuitive dashboard gives you an overview of all analyzes and the development progress.

    Objective 3D movement parameters

    Intuitive and easy

    From assessment to (group) interventions

    Smart algorithm for effective training

    Intelligent approaches for seniors and specialists

    Client testimonials

    Caritas sees great potential in strengthened cooperation with social entrepreneurs to shoulder the challenges posed in the social and health sector together, and to spread social innovations. Our collaboration with Lindera GmbH with their innovative Mobility Analysis is a very good example of this.

    Sebastian Koppers, Managing Director of Caritas Münster

    We hope that Lindera will provide a validated and technically supported assessment process that can be easily applied in practice by the elderly, relatives, and nursing staff. This should be achieved through scientific support from the app

    Dr. Anika Heimann-Steinert, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

    The planning of measures must stem from the resident’s needs analysis – digital support can promote this. Above all, it must be customized, quality-assured, and up-to-date in accordance with expert standards.

    Kerstin Steinke, Head of the care division at MDK Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

    Lindera is a strong partner accompanying us on our path to digital care. The introduction of the Lindera Mobility Analysis increases the service quality for our residents and makes everyday life easier for our nursing staff.

    Sascha Saßen, Head of quality and ethics at KORIAN Deutschland

    Independence is a precious asset. Everyone likes to be autonomous. And no one wants to be a burden to their own children when they get older. Digitization gives us the opportunity to stay independent for longer and offers us a high degree of flexibility with the assistance of new technologies. The prospect must be to stay at home for longer and still feel safe and secure there.

    Minister of state for digital affairs, Dorothee Bär, MdB

    For us, Lindera is an innovative project partner who we want to walk alongside to enable further digitization for our customers.

    Dana Kadach, AOK Nordost – Die Gesundheitskasse, contract management for inpatient care

    With the SturzApp, KNAPPSCHAFT and Lindera give people the opportunity to enable fall prevention on the basis of new technologies and findings. With this, we are making a significant contribution to maintaining or improving the mobility and quality of life of our policyholders.

    Bettina am Orde, Managing Director of KNAPPSCHAFT

    For us, the partnership with Lindera is a milestone on our way to offering people in need of care modern, digital care. With Lindera, we gain a real technical edge for the institutions, nursing staff, and of course the senior citizens that work with us.

    Dirk Lauenstein, Chairman of Audi BKK

    The risk of falling in older people increases with age. We work in eight states to analyze complex gait behavior with the Lindera SturzApp and determine senior citizens’ individual risk of falling with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

    Andrea Schneider, Head of the Nursing Care Insurance Fund at KKH

    Artificial intelligence in everyday care: By integrating the Lindera Mobility Analysis into our system, we open our platform up for innovations and at the same time embed concrete process improvements in facilities.

    Iris Christiansen, Managing Director of DAN Produkte

    By integrating the Lindera Mobility Analysis into our myneva.heimbas care software, we enable nursing staff to document the analysis quickly and easily, thereby optimizing their daily work.

    Dr. Hartmut Clausen, Managing Director of myneva

    Digitization in healthcare means that the resulting changes in analogue structures must be considered, especially in organized inpatient care. When evaluating Lindera mobility management in inpatient care facilities, it is important to consider the “dyadic” benefits for caregivers and those being cared for. What we expect in this regard is to be able to prove long-term care benefits.


    Prof. Dr. habil. Jürgen Zerth, Institute Management of Forschungsinstitut IDC

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